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Tax Credits – Don’t let them go unused!

Every year billions of dollars in IRS tax credits go untouched due to the complexities and time required to apply and manage the process of obtaining Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and Welfare to Work Tax Credits. Your company’s Tax Credits could average around $6,000 per year for each qualifying employee.

WOTC Consultants has assisted over 200 companies in every USA State and territory with completing the forms and processing the data to get the necessary information accountants use to complete your company’s tax return.

Since we began managing employer’s government job tax credit programs in 1979 we have obtained certification for as many as 80,000 employees per year resulting in tax credits for our clients in the millions of dollars.

Our knowledge, experience and state of the art technology enable us to obtain the maximum legitimate benefits for each of our clients. Our services are priced on the basis of actual tax credits received with a guarantee that the cost of our services will be less than the benefits you receive.

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Our Process – We do the work!

WOTC Consultants will meet with you to discuss your firm’s potential to benefit from Work Opportunity Tax Credits. Upon agreement to proceed, WOTC Consultants will be designated your representative via a power of attorney filed with the state agency in each state in which you operate.

WOTC Consultants trains your front line HR staff responsible for hiring. We provide the necessary government forms and show your staff how to ensure that job applicants complete the forms properly. Original completed forms should be mailed to us within one week of the first day of work as failure to file within 28 days will deny certification.  We check eligibility, enter the data into our system and forward the forms to the appropriate state office. The state will issue a certification based on the employee’s qualifications and returns the certification notice to us.

Each quarter we provide a turn-around form to your payroll department with a request for wages and hours worked for each employee in the program. WOTC Consultants provides you with reports showing status of each employee in the program. These reports are available online at anytime through our secure computer system.

Annually prior to the end of your fiscal year we issue a report containing all the information needed to file your company’s Federal Tax Returns and claim the tax credits.

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